Our Core Values. Our mission is simple: We will be our community’s most helpful and trusted retail team by consistently pleasing each customer.


Honor God

It’s our heritage. It gives us purpose. We believe in humility before God and before others. We aim to be good stewards of our success.


Build Relationships

First with our Elder’s family and among one another, and secondly with our customers. We’re always respectful of others and of their beliefs. Our job is to help, not sell. When we build relationships, our bottom line takes care of itself.


Stay Small...While Growing

Small is personal. Small is flexible and fast. Small frequently relies on our judgement when engaging customers – never on corporate policies. Growth provides opportunities for Elder’s and our people. Growth is not incompatible with being small.


Be Local

We are a part of the fabric of our local communities. We care. We are good neighbors...We can be trusted, and we show our trust in others. We give back.


Do Our Best

We focus on doing the fundamentals well. We’re highly disciplined. We always, always follow through. We maintain a high sense of urgency.